He was born on 15th January 1907, and died executed by the Nazis on 21st June 1940 in Palmiry. He lived short life, but all of his 33 years were connected with Warsaw and its sport clubs.

He was running the 800 meters and 10 kilometers distances, and even sometimes 4x400 meters relay races. When "KUSY" was 21, he began to achieve significant scores: for 3000 meters- 8:54.0 and for 5000m- 15:17.8.

Even before the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932 he had established two world records- for 3000 meters- 8:18.8 and for 4 miles- 19:02.6. He arrived to the USA as the star of world's athletics. He won a gold medal there, with the result 30:11.4, what was the Olympics, and Poland's record. This result and record has outlasted for 22 years, until the year 1954, when the first Janusz Kusociński Memorial dedicated to the memory of Janusz Kusociński took place.

Before the outbreak of the II World War, "KUSY" had beaten the Poland's record for 5000 meters- 14:24.2. Like many others, Corporal Janusz Kusociński grabbed a machine-gun and defended the beloved Warsaw. He went through the prisons in Mokotów and Pawiak and died a tragic death, executed with many other prisoners of Pawiak in 1940.


For the first time this event was played on the 19-20 June 1954 and permanently entered into the global calendar of athletic events.

Years ago the Janusz Kusocińskiego Memorial opened the international athletics season. It was a meeting place for the best athletes in Europe and the world. The meaning of memorial was, is and probably always will be large

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